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2.4.21: Is this a Done Deal?

Sharing our first "question" along with the answer. Please continue to send your inquiries to We will both answer you directly and post here as you may not be the only one with that question.

Q: It sounds like the Our One Community effort is a done deal, and that we are moving forward with it without the consent of our congregants. Is this so?

A: NO, THIS IS NOT A “DONE DEAL!” There are many committees working on putting together the details of what we believe will be best for both congregations, as well as the community at large, by creating “Our One Community.” Once those details are worked out, they will be presented as a total package first to the Boards of Trustees of each synagogue, and then to the congregations at large of each synagogue for a vote. Until the proposals have been made, and votes have been taken, this is not a “done deal.”

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